Here I sit at the Lansing Michigan airport waiting for our flight home. We did alot of visiting in a short time. I’ve met my birth sister & brother, 99 yr old grandma, 92 yr old grandpa, aunt and niece. We had a nice visit and and dinner.

I also managed to see my adoptive parents best friends. It was nice to see some of my parents stuff from when they were first married. Things even that originated with my grandpa that I never met. Got to hear stories about when I was first adopted. I snuck to my cousins business and surprised some of them, we took pizza to their mom who was in a rehab place after a surgery. I’ve never seen that awesome of a response to a surprising. She stopped dead in tracks and her mouth dropped open. She thought she was seeing things. I only got a dinner with some of my favorite family but I felt renewed after.

On the flip side. The dinner we had at the hotel made Robert and my bio dad sick. I complained to hotel and let them know. Can’t wait to sleep in my own bed.

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