Good afternoon everyone hope you weekend was good. I hope you local peeps went and experienced halloweentown and the festivities it brought. Thank you shoestring and city for all your hard work. My husband was in the “War of the worlds” radio play and both him and my youngest, Avery, was in the “Haunted Tours” which is a play about the last hanging in St Helen’s.

Now that we are about done with October we need to look forward. Lewis & Clark shop hop is starting November 1st and runs through November 10th. There are only 6 stores this year and were doing a Christmas row quilt. My row sample is done (if you wanna see it) and we will have kits available for my row of 6 ornaments.

The next awesome thing is my first Pre-Thanksgiving Day Sale. I received so much fabric this summer that were gonna have a sale. 30% off regular price and an extra $1 off sale room fabrics.

On another note, Jenkins painting made it out today to power wash the shop. One step closer to painting. Can not do wait. We will be one colorful building. I have a photo album on Facebook with pictures of getting the shop ready if anyone is interested.

In between the shop hop and the sale my husband and I are traveling to Michigan to meet the rest of the birth family and see my family. It’s been 20 yrs since I’ve been to Michigan. While there my birth parents will be celebrating their wedding anniversary. Couldn’t have planned it better.


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